Flight Schedule(s)

Does anyone else have their own flight schedules? I’ve been flying across the world since the Global update. If you do, where are you going to next?

Here are my schedules:


  • Houston TX (4/11) - Phoenix AZ (5/2) - San Diego CA (5/22)
  • Kansas City KS (4/18) - Las Vegas NV (5/8) - Los Angeles CA (5/29)
  • Denver CO (4/24) - San Francisco CA (5/14)

Europe (More countries will be added):

  • London ENG(7/17) - Edinburgh ENG (8/22)
  • Birmingham ENG (8/1) - Glasgow ENG (8/29)
  • Liverpool ENG(8/15) - Belfast Ireland (9/5)

Where else should I go around Europe? World?

I decide after each flight where I will fly to next. I don’t pre plan things.


Don’t forget to add to your schedule my home airport of KSJC.

It is in Silicon Valley, California not far south from the popular KSFO.

If you want a long haul, you can do a realistic flight from RJAA-KSJC. 👍


u can always use my.flightradar24.com to keep track of your flights

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I don’t have specified times to fly, so I just fly when I’m free and for how long I’m free.


I only try to plan my VA flights. Normally I either procrastinate or forget to do it
All my other flights I do when I want to fly, when i’m available to do a flight and it depends on how long i’m free.
Basically what @Kyle.Plane said.

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