Flight routes

What long haul or Flights in the United States should I do? Also which aircrafts should I use!

KDFW-KJAC(flown with the A319 irl but there isn’t an A319 livery in IF, use the A320 instead) and KDFW-KBZN(E175 or 737-800). Two of my favorite flights i’ve discovered recently.

There is plenty of resources out there to find a flight. Flightradar 24 and Flightaware being two of them.

But I do like flying in/out of Seattle

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Hawaiian Airlines has a route from KBOS-PHNL on the A330 you might want to fly! I don’t think the A330 has Hawaiian Airlines colors on it in Infinite Flight, but you could probably fly the 767 on it! Have fun!!

Long haul or ultra long haul?

Either or is fine with me!

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PANC to KORD (Alaska 738/9, United 737/9, FedEx MD-11, Cargolux 748, Korean Air Cargo 77F, China Southern Cargo 77F, China Cargo Airlines 77F)

PANC to KMEM with FedEx MD-11 and 77F, Generic MD-11F (representing Wester Global’s generic livery)


PANC to KMIA (Korean Air Cargo 77F, Atlas Air 744)

PANC to KMSP (Delta 757 and 738/9)

PANC to KEWR (United 757)

PANC to PHNL (Alaska 738/9)

PANC to PHKO (Alaska 738/9)

You should also do the return flights :)

I know I’m way too obsessed with PANC 😂

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Those are some great routes right there! I like the variety.

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PANC got lots of variety

I got two more actually. I’ll add it to the thing.

PANC to PHNL (Alaska 738/9)
PANC to PHKO (Alaska 738/9)

ORD-HNL, IAH-HNL, SFO-HNL , DEN-HNL, EWR-HNL. Those are the flights I like. I love HNL

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Does Alaska fly those over open water or down the west coast?

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The Hawaii ones? Straight over the water.

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In fact, I’m doing the Honolulu one for ASVA right now

As much as I would like to suggest ALL the routes, there is simply a plethora of flights out there, so much so that it would literally take forever to write them down here.

But here are my top 5 favorite long hauls in the contiguous United States:

  1. KEWR-PHNL (UA363, ~11.5 hrs)
  2. KBOS-PHNL (HA89, ~12 hrs.)
  3. KEWR-PANC (UA365/1875, ~7.5 hrs)
  4. KMIA-KSEA (AA305, ~7 hrs.)
  5. KBOS-KSAN (AS519/1049 & B919/419/619, ~6.5 hrs.)
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