Flight routes

Hi everyone
I was wondering if there is any website to find real flight routes.


Do you mean FPL? If you don’t, I would recommend Wikipedia.

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Yes I mean FPL :)

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FlightAware is the best option for real flight plans because it has real FPL pilots use IRL.


Thanks I will try it

When you say real flight routes, do you mean to a certain destination? Or…?

I use fpltoif, had fuel calculations, altitude, and everything else you could need

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Thanks looks great… It is an app or just through internet?

Through the web.

Thanks guys

No problem!!

Simbrief is your best bet! Good for fuel calculations as well

This post is also good if you’re in a hurry!


Thank you!!

You can use FPLtoIF.com too. It provides a simpler, decoded kind of SimBrief. You tell it where you want to go from and to and which aircraft and it sorts everything for you, straight from SimBrief!

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Thanks I will try that as well

I tried this but it’s not free

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FPLtoIF is free…

Simbrief is a free and valid option, it’s not perfect as it can do some weird approaches by default, so I recommend tweaking the route you’ll get.

Yeah I usually plan myself using skyvector first so I can actually use the winds.