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I am bored and dont know where to fly to any Suggestions I would love a route with beautiful views

I would recommend places like the Alps, Caribbean, or Patagonia. Here’s a couple of resources that can help you find a flight!

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Besides those mentioned above, some routes I highly recommend are PANC-PAJN and KSEA-PAJN. Both routes are filled with amazing scenery and its views are spectacular!

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Along with PAJN, you can also to fly to many other beautiful airports in Southeastern Alaska, including Sitka (PASI), and Ketchikan (PAKT). There are more, but sadly not many of the airports have been edited in Alaska.

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I guess the whole Milk Run if we’re including all that above.


Ok thanks everyone

You could also use https://fpltoif.com/random, it chooses a random route for you to fly!

Like stated earlier, Juneau (PAJN), is super scenic. Seattle (KSEA) to Juneau (PAJN) is a good tonite because you get that Canadian and Alaskan scenery the whole way on your flight.

Kjfk to kmia would be a good route

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