Flight Review: To get stuck or not?

Flight Review: AA3413 (DFW-LIT)

Hello IFC:

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of flying home from Reno, NV last week. This part has beend delyaed a little bit longer just because i have been busy with work and have also been traveling on my off days. *Let me know if you want trip reports of those flights I did. If you havent checked out parts 1 and 2 of this trip, please do so here: Flight Review: Bus-ing to Phoenix on AA
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Anywho, lets get started. On this flight, we continute the journey home on part 3 of the 3 on this trip. On this leg we are traveling from Dallas Fort-Worth International AIrport to Bill and Hillary National Airport, Adams Field in Little Rock, Arkansas. After arrving in Dallas from Phoenix, I went from the C terminal were I arrived to the A terminal were my dad is arriving. Since I got in about 90 minutes before he did, I took my time getting there and wondered around for a bit. Once I saw that his plane was on the ground, I headed to his gate were I waited for him to deplane. Since he was near the front, he got off quickly which was nice since we didnt have much time to make our flight home to Little Rock. Our flight home was on an Embrear ERJ-175, with registration N226NN. Once we got to the B terminal, we found our gate which happened to B21. Once we found that, we realized we still had some time left before boarding started so we went a gates down to Cousins BBQ and got some dinner so both of us hadnt eaten in a while. I had a pulled pork sandwhich and he has a brisket and some pulled pork. Not long after we got to the gate, boarding started. Since he was on a confirmed ticket, he got to board with his group as I waited back with one one other non-rev. This flight was completely full and it was going to have to be a maricle for myself and that other non-rev to get one. While waiting to get one, my dad kept texting me and asking me if I would get on as he was worried. I told him that I had a backup plan, like everyone flying stanby should and that I have done it a “few” times.

Before I go on, what do you think happend? Do you think I got one? Comment below.

Since you read that and hopefully made your guess before finishing this review, the other non-rev and i did get on thanks to 2 people out of a 16 person group misconnecting after they held the plane about 20 minutes past scheudeld departure time for that group to get on. We got the last two seats on the plane, seats 22A and 22F. I was not complaining at all as I was tired and did not really want to travel back out west to Phoenix to spend the night with friend and to try it again that next day…

Also, the gate agents in Dallas working this flight were some of the best Dallas gate agents I have ever came across. They were professional, nice and most of all, really helped us and kept giving us updates as to what was happeneing. We might be on standby but just like everyone else, we do deserve to know whats happening.

Overall. it was a good trip and glad I got to make it home and got to sleep in my own bed that night.


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