Flight review: The #NewRoo on an all so familiar route

So today I flew on Qantas’s 737-800 with the “New Roo” livery applied to it. Here’s how it went

Flight Details
Flight: QF756 from Adelaide to Sydney,
Aircraft: VH-VYI Boeing 737-800 “New Roo”
Departure and arrival: Scheduled takeoff at 3:05 pm, landing at 5:25 pm. Ran late and took off at 3:13 pm, landed at 5:22 pm, Sunday 1st July 2018
Flight time: Scheduled 1hr 50min, was actually 1hr 40min due to helpful tailwinds
Class of travel: Economy
Seat: 23A

A breeze at Adelaide Airport, a simple kiosk to do it yourself bag drop system was in order with a service desk and staff wondering the area if you needed any help

As we all boarded by the aerobridge (standard practice by QF), the process itself was quite slow but it’s to be expected when everyone’s getting on the same way and the plane is pretty much full

Felt like Qantas fell short on this one. The adjustable headrest obviously hadn’t been serviced in a while and could adjust but couldn’t stay in place. This meant you couldn’t really sit back in your seat without your head going into your neighbor behinds space, annoying but tolerable for the short flight. The seat was comfy and well cushioned but I found somewhat lack of legroom to be a bit of a nuisance.

A nice little complimentary snack of cheese and biscuits or a muesli bar was offered at cruising altitude as well as a choice of soft drink cans, tea and coffee and water for the drink. I went the cheese and biscuits and some ginger beer as well as some water after asking for it. The little meal I had going was a very pleasant way to drift through the clouds. Good job Qantas

Couldn’t fault them, a genuine smile greeted me as I boarded and I felt a personal touch when I was offered food and drink. The captain was standing at the front of the aircraft giving a goodbye and “thanks for flying with us” in Sydney

Qantas has an entertainment app on Andriod and iOS which you are encouraged to download onto your own device before takeoff. The app features a marvelous selection of TV Shows, Movies, Music, Podcasts and a “Kids Zone” as well as video news. Latest premiere movies included Love, Simon and the Greatest Showman. I watched a doco called Air Force One which was quite interesting. The app is easy to navigate and well designed with loads of good content as a bonus. A TV on the ceiling every few rows brings back a flashback to when I first started flying, a default movie or TV show (I couldn’t pick up on what the show or movie was) which you can watch by plugging in headphones to your armrest, for people who didn’t have their own cabin crew handed Qantas branded ones out just after takeoff. An in-flight magazine was also provided which includes articles about travel as well as ad’s about men’s watches.

Aircraft and flight itself
The 2005 made 737 was showing it’s age with cracks of fabric and just a seat pocket’s which weren’t in the best shape, however, she’s definitely got at least another 10-15 years in her with the brilliant safety record of the Aussie flag carrier. A somewhat bumpy ascent from Adelaide (for some reason they always are) however a mostly smooth flight and it went so quickly I was quite surprised when they made the “we are about to descend into Sydney” announcement

Background Info
Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier and our biggest and most popular airline. They operate 72 B737-800’s mostly domestically within Australia, however, some 737’s are used to provide trans-Tasman services to New Zealand as well as some other oceanic destinations

Some minor hiccups, however, Qantas provided me with a good and enjoyable flight

My rating

Complitmentry cheese and biscuts (top) and complimently ginger beer (bottom), sorry about the glare

Pushing back from Adelaide’s Terminal 1

Screenshot of menu from Qantas Entertainment app (left) screens showing movie/tv show (right)

VH-VYI coming into land at Gold Coast Airport photo credit

Any questions I would be happy to answer


Nice job Louis
I’m still yet to fly on a NewRoo livery 😐

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