Flight review Swiss International Airlines Boston-Zurich

Today I finally made to it Boston after catching 2 connecting flights from my home city New Orleans. They were luckily all on JetBlue, so pretty good! Today I will be flying to Zurich to explore and look at the beautiful mountains!

The Butter Machine 😍

This was my seat for todays flight, 9A

Perfectly timed departure

Taxing out, believe this is Boston Bay?

Lining up 😦😍

Beautiful Rotate

My friend that works as ground crew at Boston caught this beautiful photo

Crz at FL370

Flying over the UK 🥱

Descent in Switzerland 😍

Floaty landing, Capt tried to butter it lol 😂

Me and my brother took individual flights, he flew on a A340, so he was able to catch my plane with Mortz

Welcome to Zurich 🇨🇭

Thanks for taking me on the fun adventure Swiss Airlines, till next time!

I’ll rate the flight a 9/10, definitely enjoyed!


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dang you beat me to it


The A330 is so beautiful