Flight Review (Report) Format

Flight Review Formatting

Why do we need a format?

A recent increase in the number of flight reviews is increasing the burden on storage space due to some of the content including a high number of photographs of varying quality without very much meaningful literacy.

To help improve the quality, the formatting will include a number of sections where you can review your trip and include a photograph or 2 from your favourites, totalling 10 of your best images from your trip!

Want to post more than 10 photos?

Here is @Levet official line -

“I think we should stick with 10 photos being the limit just like #real-world-aviation:spotting and posters are encouraged to link their external source as well.”

What does he mean? He means, use an external means of image storage, post the link and share as many photos as you want with us here!

We want quality, not quantity!

The Format


Tell us briefly about your trip;

  • Is it a Vacation or business trip?
  • What airline are you flying with?
  • How long are you travelling for, and who with?
  • Are you travelling early morning or late in the evening?
  • How’s the weather?

Departure Airport

Review your experience at the airport;

  • Did check in take a while?
  • How were the queuing times?
  • Did you eat/shop/do some spotting?
  • Did did you experience any delays?
  • Was your boarding experience a positive one?

The Important bit - the Flight!

How was it? Tell us about;

  • The Aircraft
  • The Crew
  • In-flight entertainment
  • catering
  • seating comfort
  • Flight time
  • any other issues you encountered?

Arrival Airport

Tell us about your connection, or baggage collection experience! Also, did you do anything else while at this airport?

Overall Ratings
All scores out of 5
Departure Airport

  • Waiting Experience (Queuing times, delays)
  • Retail Experience (Shop and food quality)
  • Boarding Experience


  • Aircraft
  • Crew/Customer Service
  • Catering
  • IFE
  • Seat Comfort & Equipment
  • Overall Flight Score

Arrival Airport

  • Waiting Time (Security & Baggage Collection)
  • Retail Experience

I really hope this format improves the standard of Flight Review posts and ultimately the quality of the content. These posts are ones I always read, and so I hope to learn more about what different companies are doing well and what they’re doing terribly at, so I can be well prepared for my next trip!

Take it easy, til next time.


Nicely thought of! I hope this will help to tidy all those trip reports up a little.


Fingers crossed! Some of them are just bombarding us with photographs haha


I think we should stick with 10 photos being the limit just like #real-world-aviation:spotting and posters are encouraged to link their external source as well. We’ll get there, the forum is growing and adapting well over time.

Just because 10 is the limit doesn’t always mean 10 should be submitted.

Nice post Mags.


I’ll change the numbers in this post then buddy, Thanks.

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Make sure you include a recommendation that external links for images is acceptable. Nothing wrong with sharing some good shots here on IFC and linking another source where the photos are stored. It’s a win win for IFC’s storage and the poster gets to share their experience in its entirety if they would like. :)

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Done, with an official quote haha

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Can we pin it? I tend to forget the format…

Ask @Levet, he’s the boss’s assistant haha

My superiors would have to weigh in on that. I’m not the boss, I just help the real bosses out ;)

Ive corrected my previous statement… haha

Aw man. I like to be able to keep my own format. But rules are rules, I’ll adhere to this from now on

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I don’t think this is an official format to be used. Pretty sure it’s just a recommendation.

Anyways, well thought out @Mags885. This format surely would help keep the flight reports nice and tidy.


Yeah you’re right dude, @AndrewWu unless the moderation team decide to make it a rule. Otherwise it’s just a way of keeping to a format that will keep us all the same page and improve the quality of the content.

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This was awesome! Thanks!

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