Flight review KLAX-MUC (Lufthansa A-340-600)

Hi all, this past Wednesday I got back from Austria/Germany I am in an youth symphony called SCYSO and we were on tour. (I play viola) now to the flight review!

We flew on an A340-600 and had about a 12 hour flight out there. We left lax around 6:00 pst. And landed into MUC around noon (can remember exact time) Lufthansa economy was great! We had two hot meals decent leg room, and the entertainment system was decent.

The food was nice, the first meal consisted of a roll (very blan not much taste) and some very nice ravioli with cheese. We also had some cheese And some crackers. Plus some butter for the roll. All utensils were fully metal. And a brownie. The brownie was the better than I thought it was going to be. I had a ginger ale and some water with dinner.


The flight attendants were great. They were extremely curtious and eager to please. They always had a smile, and they were very kind. EVery 30 min to an hour they would come around with water or juice. For the first two hours. All meals were free including alchohal. (I did not have any obviously underage) through the flight if you got hungry you could go to the back and pick up a granola bar. Overall service was great. For breakfast it was an aegg and cheese omelet with some yogurt, and juice. (There was one more thing can’t remeber)


The seat overall was very comfetrable. The A340-600 is layer out in a 2/4/2 configuration. This is ok but forwards the back of the plane it switches to 2/3/2 and I was in the first row where it switched. And because the tv was in the back of the seat in front of you. My T.V was offset. So I had to tilt my neck slitly. Lufthansa provides WiFi (did not use) and earbuds (did not use have noise canceling headphones which worked much better) the actual seat is very comfterable and has a large amount of legroom. The upside to my crooked seat is that I had a huge amount of legroom, as they removed the bar under the seats. The seat also had 2 U.S.B ports.

The symphony had there instruments as carry ons and the flight attendants were helpful making room in the overhead bins.

final score

Food: 7/10. (It was good, but not amazing)

Seat: 8/10 ( this was my first long haul, and I thought the seat was very comfterable)

Service: 10/10 (loved the crew on both flights they were great!


Sounds like you had a great flight! What day did you leave from KLAX?

We left December 28. All 106 of us!

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So you took up a good part of the plane then!

Yes! Lots of the plane! Basically the whole economy section. Lol

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