Flight Review: Delta Airlines FLT:1861/1139

Predeparture: We got too the airport at 3 hours before our flight. We redeemed our flight vouchers from AA at the American counter and than proceed to TSA. We were all precehecked so security was easy and no hassle out at all. We than proceed to Gate 4 while we waited for our MD-88 that would take us too Atlanta.
Boarding/Departure: Boarding took a bit longer do too some seat mistakes but it all turned out well. Both my brother and I were Row 20 seats D/E We than pushed back for an on time departure from RW.4L
Cruise: We cruised at an Altitude of 27.000 feet to Atlanta. We had too go through some light to moderate chop do to some build ups. After an hour flight we desecend into Atlanta. We arrived at gate B25.
Layover: we had a layover of about 2 hours so we decided to get some dinner. We are at Panda Express in Terminal E which is the international terminal!
Overall: the flights were great and on time. I would give it 9/10 stars.
Pictures from the flights


Is that an error “AA Counter” for a Delta Flight? 🧐


Nope it’s not. We had a 500 dollar voucher from AA from our last flight we did so we stopped by the American counter too redeem it since you have too redeem them in person or mail

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Well Ching Ching Hallelujah all the way to the bank then. Noice man.


Yepp. All for getting on a later flight that was an hour later.


How old was the plane?

Photos look amazing!

Also correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t the maximum amount of images in a post 10.

That’s spotting category ;).

Which airport did you fly from. You haven’t mentioned

I have no idea how old the plane was

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This isn’t in the spotting category. This is a flight review😑,

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I flew from Little rock national airport (KLIT)

a wee bit off topic but we have those same exact belt loaders at SFO lol

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