Flight Review: Bus-ing to Phoenix on AA

Flight Review: AA112 (Reno-Phoenix)

Hello IFC:

This evening, I bring to you guys another American Airlines flight review. This flight was one of three for the day traveling back home to Little Rock after driving cross country out to Reno with my brother since he is moving out there. This flight was operated by an Airbus A319, N762US, which is an old US Airways bird and 19 years of age.

I had an early morning start to the day with a wakeup call of 4am. Once I got up, I got ready and was out the door in about 20 minutes. I headed down the elevator from the 14th floor and waited for the shuttle bus to take me to the Reno-Tahoe International AIrport. The drive was quick and around 440am, we arrived at the airport. I walked into the terminal and immidently went through security. Since I was TSA PRE, it took all of 3 minutes to get through security. Once I got through security, I went to my gate which was C9. I was at the gate by 5am. Boarding started at 550am for the 0620a departure out of Reno. About twenty minutes before boarding, I went up to the gate agent to tell her I was here and she asked if I wanted a window or an aisle. I told her window beciase what avgeek doesnt like the window seat… especially with the sunrising over the mountains. Note: Most of the time flying standby, you dont get a choice but if flights are empty enough or if the gate agent is in a good mood, they will ask. On this flight to Phoenix, I was seat 16A, a standard economy seat. This flight was about 85% full which was good to see in a time of a global pandemic. Once boarding had pretty much wrapped up, the captain of the flight, came out of the cockpit and went section by section and gave his pre-departure speech and also cracked a few jokes which was cool. He said we were going to go fast (which we did) since it was go home day for him and his crew and he wanted to get home. At 610am, we pushed from the gate and we taxied over to runway 16L for departure. Some of you might ask we taxied to 16L for departure instead of 16R and that is because 16R is closed. At 615am, 5 minutes early, we thundered down the runway and were in the morning Reno sky. Today’s flight was a quick one hour and 35 minutes at an altitude of 39,000 feet or FL390. About twenty minutes from landing, we started our decent for Phoenix and shortly thereafter, we landed on runway 26 and taxied over to the gate. Today’s gate was A6 and our schuedled arrival time was 802am but we actually got in and parked at the gate at 749am. Since I had plans in Phoenix during my four hour layover, it was nice to get in early and have more time to do those plans. Overall, the flight was not that bad. I have definitely had better crew for early morning flights but I get it.

I hope you all enjoy this flight review and look for two more in the coming days as I fly on a 6 month old Airbus A321NX from PHX-DFW and the American Eagle (Operated by Envoy Air) E175 flight from DFW-LIT.

Also, before I get ask if I wore my mask, I think we all know the answer to that.


Great review and great pictures! Always love to see people coming in or out of Phoenix!

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Thanks! I like to think Phoenix is my second home as I am there about two or three times a month for various reasons.

Ah cool! I live up in northern Phoenix and just flew out today and coming back tomorrow morning

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Nice. I have some friends that live up there as well. Near Road Runner Park… I was there from about 8am this morning until Noon. Left on AA441 to DFW

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Cool! Just missed each other 😂

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Great trip and photos

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