Flight Review: A mini plane to a mini island in the Great Barrier Reef

So on Monday, I flew on the weirdest flight of my life. A little plane took me across to an island 80kms off the coast of Queensland, here’s how it went

Flight details: SeaAir Pacific, no flight number (that I could see), Monday 5th December 2017, 2 pm Hervey Bay to Lady Elliot Island, estimated flight time of 40 minutes, we arrived on-time

Check-in: Our flight was pre-organized so therefore you simply had to be ready to depart when the aircraft arrived, we were asked to attach bag tags to our bags which were linked with our accommodation on the island. They had a waiting room just for passengers going to Lady Elliot Island which had wooden seats, a phone charging station, and a window.

Boarding: None of that fancy aerobridge stuff. A simple walk across the very small tarmac before our caption greeted us and opened the doors. It was a tight squish trying to get the 9 passengers on the aircraft but it wasn’t a challenge

Comfort: Comfy black seats which were more than adequate for a 40-minute flight, legroom was also pretty decent. No recline or armrests but I don’t know how you need it for such a short hop.

Food: BYO if your really committed

Service: The aircraft didn’t even have an aisle, there was no one offering you a complimentary orange juice. Ground staff at Hervey Bay and Lady Elliot Island where friendly

Entertainment: A brochure about Lady Elliot Island in the seat pocket which was a quick 3-minute read but still pretty good, a flight tracker that you can download on iOS if you can be bothered however it’s glitchy and a bit pointless in my opinion or look outside at the truly breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef which is a sight that has to be seen in real life

Aircraft and flight itself: VH-ZOU was our aircraft, a Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander charted to service Lady Elliot Island. The aircraft was built in 1985 yet still seems to have a lot of life and power in it. Our cruising altitude was only about 500ft which means you could see the ocean life. Turbulence was minimal and minor. Lady Elliot Island has a grass runway and it’s not exactly flat but weirdly enough the landing was smooth

Overall: After getting off a VA 737 from Sydney it was a little different but it was truly a lot of fun, you can’t beat that scenery and flying low to see it all really made my day. The waiting area at Hervey Bay was a nice touch. Would love to see them fly from Brisbane though, Hervey Bay is a pain to get to with only 1 return flight to Sydney and Brisbane a day, would make it a lot more convenient for people outside of those two cities

My rating: 9/10

Feel free to ask any questions



Sounds exotic! I would definitely love to be on a plane where I can always see the cockpit.

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Not everyone has the chance to do such a flight over that amazing landscape, thanks for sharing @Louis :)

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Awesome, love to see fellow aussies in this community!

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thanks for the review and the pictures. Love flying over that stretch of the coast (prefer my VAs short haul routes up and down there then some onf th elong haul ones) but even better to see IRl!

the BN-2 is a great little aircraft would be great in IF in order to bridge the gap between the smaller GAs and the larger Dash and small Jets!

vote here :)

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