Flight Review - 15 Hour Long Haul on Singapore Airlines

Flight Information:

Flight: SQ31
Date: Saturday, May 27th 2023
Aircraft: 9V-SJE
Flight Time: 15:57
Route: San Fransisco to Singapore

Well, greetings from SFO’s commuter train! Today, I will be trying Singapore Airlines for the first time in Economy for my longest personal flight ever! Hope you enjoy!

Did a little planespotting before departure. Beautiful UA A319, N874UA, and I was also able to catch Maximus!

And here is our bird for the next 15 hours, 9V-SJE. This is now my 3rd time flying the A350, and I’m starting to love it!

SQ offers blankets and pillows free of charge, as well as a power outlet to charge your device, and pleantly of legroom to stretch your legs. As well, they offer KrisWorld In-Flight Entertainment, which I personally is one of the best IFE systems, offering tons of Movies, TV shows, and Live TV!

Departure out of SFO! Weather has cleared up quite a bit, makes for a nice departure picture!

And for today’s lunch review, beef with veggies and bread! SQ makes it look good and tasty, unlike United. Best meal I’ve ever had after Luftansa

Quick Loo review. Kinda small, and not as good as SQ’s 787s, but does the job

And welcome to beautiful Singapore! Overall thoughts? I really love this airlne! Staff are very freindly, and professional. Food is great and lovley aircraft! Overall rating, 9.5/10! Hope you enjoyed this review!


nice! though what class are you in?

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looks super fun, have fun in singapore!


@Flyin.Hawaiian beat you by a second

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He said economy

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Singapore was awesome! Currently in the Phillipines right now, scheduled to fly back to the states at the end of this month on SQ again!

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a salute to you, for surviving 15 hours in economy class🫡


TBF 🇸🇬 economy is pretty much every 🇺🇸 airline’s business class


just probably didn’t see it

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yeah true…

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25th like 😎

Nice shots tho

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Great review with lots of detail! I’m looking forward to more of these in the future 🙂.

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Much appriciated! More of these comming next week

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