Flight resume when it should not have done so

I was given the option to resume a flight after landing.

I did not think this was possible.

I landed at ATL, taxied, and parked. Performed aircraft shutdown and was just sitting at the gate when the app crashed. When I opened the app the next day, I was presented with an opportunity to resume the flight.

I do not have a question.

Just letting Infinite Flight know in case this is something that may need checking.

Device: iPad Air (4th generation)
Operating system: iPad OS 17.2

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If you haven’t already, consider reaching out to Infinite Flight’s support or community forums to report this incident. Providing details about your device, operating system, and any other relevant information can assist the developers in investigating and resolving the issue.

That’s literally what the OP has done…


That’s the reason! 🙂

When the app crashes, flight resume can be used to return to the last save of the flight.
In this case that was 30 minutes out.
This is intended. 😉


Hi, you mind to add a feature with that “Resume” option? Where I am parking the plane at gate, but don’t want to end the session, as I will fly again.
Just sharing the idea for on ground resume at gate 😅

You just copied and pasted the support forum rules