Flight Resume Spawn Issue

I was doing a flight from Zurich to KLAX when I exited the game at FL380 over Oceanic Track D.

When I resumed the flight, I was spawned way off track at Oceanic Track A

Device: iPad 10th Gen
Operating system: iPad OS 17.0.3

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Hey there!

Do you remember how much time (roughly) had passed between pausing and resuming your flight? Flight Resume should spawn you back at the same coordinates as recorded in the last flight save (every 10s, provided that the criteria are met).

Oceanic tracks change every day in accordance with the real-life ones, so what may have happened is that enough time had passed for the NATs to change.


It was probably 5-6 hrs

Then that’s the reason, most likely. If you were still on your FPL course, then the NATs updated at some point during your pause.


okay thanks!