Flight Resume Questions

I have tested the Flight Resume and it is working well. I have 2 questions though. I hope to have confirmation from the dev team.

  1. At which time interval the flight is saved ? Every second, minute ? Because I test a case where flight resume was on then off then on again. When I left the flight and resume later, it went back to first stade

  2. If criteria are not met, and I quit the flight, it seems that we can’t resume it, even at the last saved state. Is it true if App crashes. Let’s say app crashes at final or somewhere below 28000 during descent, would it be possible to resume to the last saved state at cruise altitude ?

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Allow me to answer your questions to the best of my ability, noting some things may be incorrect…

  1. A flight is saved every 10 seconds, as long as it meets all the applicable criteria.

  2. If criteria are not met, the flight will not be saved and cannot be resumed (at least in my experience), even at the last save. To my understanding, if an app crash happens and the flight is not within the correct criteria, it will be resumed at the last available saved state.

As previously mentioned, some of the things I’ve said may be wrong. But I hope this helped regardless!


So once i am meeting all the requirements and press end flight, when i reopen the app itll tell me to resume flight from where i left off which is updated every 10 seconds, correct?

It should give you the option to resume the flight so long as you meet all the criteria.

Yeah, i didnt see flight resume because my game wasnt updated yet lol. Thanks for the help though

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