Flight Resume not working with LNAV

I am doing a transatlantic flight all conditions are met and LNAV enabled for the flight plan but the high crosswind seems to be blowing the plane slightly off track thus making flight resume not work

It looks like you’re not on your flight track, so that’s why it’s not working. Wait a little while to get back on it with LNAV, then you should be fine.

He can’t lol

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I guess you could manually fly over to the track and then hit LNAV to get a save

If you go to your Info bar and choose”X-track error”, it will tell you how far off you are from your FPL. I recommend using that to know when to use Flight Resume. Flight Resume wont work if your 1nm or more off your FPL.

Oh, didn’t see that lol

Yea it’s typical to be 0.20nm to 0.40nm off from your FPL, especially in heavy crosswinds. It’s completely normal when using LNAV.

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That defeats the purpose of Flight Resume. It’s supposed to work when a flight when conditions are met and a flight needs to be put on hold. Some sort of calibration in the sim may be necessary esp if LNAV is enabled.

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Its not working because your too far off from your Flight plan.

But the plane is following the flight plan according to the cruising parameters set by IF. If it wasn’t then I’d be missing every waypoint on LNAV. So the plane is following the flight plan which is what Flight Resume requires

Oh interesting. Then don’t know what it is, because you seem to be within all the requirements.

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The aircraft will never be able to stay 0.00nm in line with the flight plan under all meteorological circumstances and at the same time we have to have some sort of limit on how much deviation that can be permitted. It’s an aircraft, not a train on a railway :)

And for those reasons - this is one of those things that can never be 100% perfect and some manual adjustments may be needed at times.

But out of pure interest, how far off the track are you?


No doubt. I understand that. I’m not sure how off track the plane was. It randomly came back on after about 20min saying I was on track…but the plane was still off the fpl line.

I mentioned some sort of calibration could possibly be done with a hotfix perhaps which allows Flight Resume to be used if the plane is within a certain range of the flight track and obviously following the LNAV flight plan.

This is already the case. But the “obviously” part is quite subjective and can change a lot depending on conditions. Hence what I mentioned about there will be cases where manual adjustment will be needed. There’s no bulletproof way here :)

Got it, I’m saying a manual adjustment shouldn’t be required. I say “obviously” based on the factors of a flight plan being set and the plane is following it via LNAV which is directing it successfully to each waypoint. This is what having and following a flight plan means.

If said parameters are met, ideally calibration via a hotfix should be able to adjust how far off the track the plane allowed and still be within Flight Resume requirements.

Ideally, we don’t want to increase the distance since that would lead to another set of problems which is on that other side of the coin on why this restriction is there to start with.

Not saying it won’t be adjusted in the future. Bear in mind that this is the first time a feature like this exists on a flight simulator within a multiplayer environment so we need time to evaluate usage patterns first before doing anything. Rushing changes based on one report is ill advised :)


For sure. That’s definitely understandable. My whole intent is simply to bring the issue to light if it wasn’t already known. Just about every flight I’ve done when I zoomed in, the plane is slightly off the flight track with LNAV enabled.

Nonetheless I’m happy to have this feature implemented and it has worked flawlessly the couple times I used it in the past. Thanks for the insight

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Always will be. Hence we have a tolerance.
But we’ll see :)

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I feel like infinite flight’s LNAV could also do with an upgrade to be honest. It seems to frequently be off course enough that the CDI has a noticeable deflection. Especially for a GPS course IF feels worse at tracking a course than the real aircraft I fly and I would assume the sim should be better if anything. Not a huge deal, but one of a few gripes with the AP I have that I would love to see addressed in an AP overhaul.


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