Flight Resume Issue

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Operating system:ALL
The Dash-8 Q400 can not use flight resume as it requires a cruise of at least 28000ft the dash8 max cruise altitude is 25000ft or 27000ft on some variants

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I noticed that. I wonder if they will fix it. I think it is just a quirk of the flight resume.

This is same case with the C208, it doesn’t cruise high. Not sure if your issue would qualify as a technical issue though, as it would be more of an aircraft performance kind of thing.

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This is a known limitation, it has been discussed internally to modify the requirements for such aircraft but it was decided to keep them as is at the moment, for ATC reasons for example.

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I believe the justification for this is that you wouldn’t usually be flying a long enough route to deem flight resume necessary given it’s uses irl.

Usually users don’t have to pause flights of shorter durations, and rather just complete them.

That’s just my logic of course, but I’d assume the team is working a fix or adjustment to such.

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Yes, but flight resume is very useful when your game crashes, this is not possible for the Q400.

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Agreed, didn’t say it wasn’t a good feature to have.

I am certain at the moment we have to enjoy things are they are, and features/fixes will hopefully be coming soon.

I can second that; It was very helpful the other day when my game crashed, and I was able to drop right back in once the ‘account already in use’ or whatever it is message went away