Flight resume feature

I think I’d would be such a quality of life option if you guys added some type of flight resume feature so of there’s a crash or bug and you lose your flight…when u go back on game…u can load back the exact options, altitude and coordinates that u were on before the crash… I’ve seen the feature in similar mobile flight some and I can’t believe nobody ever mentioned this feature 🤨

If there’s someone more knowledgeable than me on this, feel free to correct me! However, I don’t think this is possible as you might notice that you can’t access a replay if the app crashed during the flight. So, I’m not too sure if that’s possible, especially if you’re expecting this on a live server - it wouldn’t be practical.

However, I would like to see this sort of thing implemented on solo mode. Give a search around for a feature request and if it exists, vote for it!

Hope this helps,

Unfortunately, with the live servers, this would not be practical as it really could cause more issues than it would solve. One issue, for example, is spawning back in after a crash and being where another pilot currently is.

For solo mode, this is somewhat achievable with being able to go back 20 seconds from where you were. If you keep pushing that, you’ll be back to a stable position.

For a resume feature in solo mode, I’d recommend making a #features topic when you become trust level 2. Just keep contributing positively to the community, and you will be there in no time!