Flight Restriction

What must I understand when I see
“ceiling: xxxx” in a Flight restriction? What must and must not I do ? What about “SFC” ? What does it mean?

Sorry if there is a topic explaining this, I couldn’t find


Hey there!

Means that FroM SurFaCe to FLXXX the NOTAM/restriction is in effect.

Ceiling is the top end, and in this case SFC/Surface is the bottom end.


Oh, fine!! Thanks!

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What abou this restriction? Can you explain me ? (The message)

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That means that you can’t take off and land between two airports that are within the circle.

So say you takeoff from LTFM, you then have to fly outside of the circle to land, unless you’re doing patterns :)


But you don’t need to worry about that now because the TFR is inactive :)


Thank you so much!! This should be present in every airport that has ATC connect, to avoid that cluster of aircraft with 2 minutes of flying disrupting those who are arriving from afar, with 8, 9, 10 hours of flight …


From what I gather it’s normally frowned upon when people do it, they just put the TFR’s in because they (rightfully so) expect a huge amount of traffic which is fair


It was for last night’s FNF.

But since you’ll see it again in the future, especially for FNF, here’s what these are designed to prevent (and this is for the community’s benefit, not solely you):

There seems to be some idea that when a field is insanely busy, it makes perfect sense to hop in your 388 and take off from a dirt field right next door and just barrel into the traffic that’s spent the last hour patiently making their way toward an intercept.

Don’t ask me for the psychology behind this idea, because I’m at a loss.

Anyway, we attempted to handle it by just sending these people up and over the traffic and possibly hold them for a bit until they could be slotted in, but, no, they wanted their 30 second flight, everyone else be [redacted].

So, since people can’t follow vectors instead of just barreling into traffic, we’ve had to take the next logical step, which is to just bar these ridiculous flights altogether.

(This particular one, being orange, is expired. When active, it would be red. So, today, you can do whatever you want there, as the TFR no longer applies. If it were red, it would have been in effect and you could not have both endpoints of your flight within that circle. Takeoff and go elsewhere, or takeoff from elsewhere and arrive there. That’s all.)


I understood and agree perfectly with this idea! As I said in the above comment, it is terrible to have to file an immense queue after 10 hours of flight, due to an immense cargo of airplanes that are not even 10 minutes in the air! these restrictions should exist whenever there was IFATC in a region or airport! I hope this idea comes true one day, thank you !!

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