Flight report!

Hello everyone yesterday I got to fly from the heart of Korea RKSI to the heart of Japan RJAA.

Airline: Korean Airlines

Flight Number: KE 703


The aircraft: 22 Year old A330-322 HL7551 (First test flight 28/04/97)

Terminal 2 Gate 264 Seoul Incheon (Yes I did talk to the Robots :))

Seat 57A

Departure Runway: 33L

The flight time: 1:55 hrs

Max Altitude: 35,000ft

Arrival Runway: 34R

Terminal 1 Gate 26 (Under Construction)

The flight was a short hop across the Sea of Japan with a quick meal which I thought was very nice. (Not used to meals on short International hops as Air New Zealand charges extra) after looking out the window departing Seoul on a beautiful sunny winters day a Thick layer of clouds blocked my view forgetting to grab the ear phones at the front of the plane I’d been lucky to have my own as the aircraft offered IFE. I began Watching Angel Has Fallen, in no time we’d began a decent into RJAA with clouds all the way down until the last 3000-1000 ft. The touch down wasn’t the softest but not the hardest either and we spent the next 10 minutes Taxing to gate 26 with a few other arrivals on 34R. On arrival I spotted a Aircalin A330-900 and a SAS A340-313.


I think I’m a bit out of the loop. Can you please explain this?

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At Seoul they have these Robots to help guide you around the airport like it took me to Starbucks whilst playing a peaceful tune. I’ll find a photo

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Nice shot of Seoul-Gimpo Airport

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Everything looks beautiful from the sky

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Thanks Seoul Gimbo is beautiful from the ground

I agree @Aris2017 everything is so beautiful up high

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