Flight Report NZ530 Tuesday 8th 2019

Flight Number: NZ530
Aircraft: A320-232
Flighttime: 1:04
Regerstration: ZK-OXJ
Meal I chose: Cookie and water
Inflight Entertainment My Book
Seat 16E
So Yesterday I completed the short hop from NZCH-NZAA it was a nice smooth flight with us departing on runway 20 then making a right turn up north. Later on in the flight everyone received the choice of a Cookie or Chips. Back before the flight had departed our plane had been changed from gate 18 (ZK-OXD) to Gate 17(ZK-OXJ). On the ground we sat at the gate for about 10 minutes before pushing out straight and watching the pilots test the A320-232 whilst in the background listening to Air New Zealand’s hip hop safety video played which in my mind I didn’t like there was nothing aviation involved. Taxing was nice and quick with our A320 holding short RWY 20 whilst an ATR 72- 600 Arrived from NZQN. After all the inflight meals had been delivered and soon after the Air New Zealand lollies where passed around (I had lime) and by a flash of time our aircraft was on short final with a glimpse of the sky tower our plane landed within the touchdown zone and we where off the plane and off to Apex.

Score 9/10 Air New Zealand has exceptional service and I always enjoy flying on them.


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