Flight Report (KSEA-KLAX, Infinite Flight 757)

This evening, I decided to do a short flight from Seattle to LA in the Infinite Flight livery. I hope you guys enjoy the photos! I’ve always enjoyed the Infinite Liveries (especially the 320, CRJ, 757, and 787). While being a simple design, it is also quite dynamic which makes it fun to take pics of.

Photo descriptions are directed attached to the pics, hover over them to read

Thanks for reading, and have a good evening!


I don’t think your photos processed 😆.

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oops! Fixed now! (Hopefully)

If anyone else has issues, please say so!

I think you mean Pacific Ocean 😉. Anyway great photos!

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aah! Thanks for catching that!

Nice photos!

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Thanks! Like I said in the original post, the Infinite Flight livery is one of my favorites when it comes to photography. While being simple, the dynamic lines with the gold stripe separating the white and black makes it quite beautiful.