Flight report KLAX-EGLL on Virgin Atlantic 787 and EGLL-KLAX

This is my first trip report so let’s see how it goes…

Hi all 👋 hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year today I would like to tell you about my trip on Virgins 787.

Part 1

So me and my family wanted to take a trip to London and on to France on the EUROSTAR to celebrate my mom getting her masters degree and I suggested we take Virgins 787 to London and so we did.
The flights details:
Flight number was VS8
Class was Premium Economy
Departure time 5:15
Arrival 11:23
Aircraft: G-VFAN 1.6 years old

We boarded our flight and were guided to our seat I had seat 22K it is a window seat and the second row of Premium Eco seats. Our take off time was around 6:15 as the gate next to us had an emergency. Once we were all settled in the crew came around with the menus for that nights dinner. The food was delicious and way better then expected for airline food. Shortly after dinner ended and the trays were collected the lights were slowly dimmed to allow passengers to sleep. Through out the flight we received plenty of care and attention from the crew every half hour they brought drinks around so everyone stayed hydrated throughout the flight. Once we reached Colorado the winds started to get bad Turbulence hit and the aircraft shook. But that didn’t last to long only about an hour. Through the flight I enjoyed the amazing IFE system which worked really well nd automatically turned itself off if you were asleep. Once the sun rose and most if not all the passengers were awake they served a light breakfast of yoghurt, tea or coffee, juice, and a warmed pastry. Once breakfast was completed we were informed that we would have to go into a holding pattern over Heathrow as there were so many flights around. Once we hit the ground we gathered our luggage after customs and head for our ride pickup.
Now the pics!

Part 2 (Return Trip)

Sorry for not adding this when I got back I was so tired. Anyways…
The return was excellent! Same experience maybe even a little better then the flight there! Right after takeoff the flight attendants tried serving drinks but we hit some bad turbulence so they had to stop. Then they tried again and the same thing happened. Then again and again. Finally about an 1 1/2 hour in we got drinks (by this time I was really thirsty) I had just a water because I am a boring person. Then we were served Lunch/Dinner around 5 hours in. At the 8 hour mark we were served Tea Time where every person in Premium Economy received a warm scone, tea, sugar, cream, clotted cream (for the scone), a sandwich, and Water. Of course I ate the whole thing and it was delicious! Shortly after I had a massive headache which made me feel like my head was about to explode but the FA was so nice they made sure I was ok and if I needed an aspirin.
Finally the pics!

In this one you can see the new Tom Bradley West Skeleton!


Congrats to your mother on this!

Also, Good trip report, however, I believe there is still some scope for improvement. Thanks for sharing your flight with us! Looking forward to many more trip reports!


I was writing this on my phone so it was difficult to write it really well but thanks!


Very nice! Would have liked a few more pictures though.

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They were all blurry but I am taking them again tomorrow!

Sounds like a very nice flight, and congrats to your mom on getting her masters degree!

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If it was a morning landing then yes it’s busy. Planes have to go in holding patterns then they all come pouring in, if I remember correctly it’s due to restrictions around the vicinity.

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Nice report! Virgin Atlantic seems like a good airline.
Congratulations to your mother!

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It really was a great flight I fly the return tomorrow early morning and will add the info from that here along with more photos!

Heathrow would probably give the opportunity for some great pics! Love that airport, perhaps send more pictures of the cabin as I’m interested in how that looks. Safe travels!

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I for sure will! The cabin was excellent as the aircraft was BRAND NEW! I do have a few things that I think they should improve on such as the air conditioning which didn’t work to well through the flight and the cushion kept sliding off my seat when I reclined the chair.

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Is the guy with glasses in photo 3 you @Daniel14? 😮 also congrats to your mum!

Nice @Daniel14 I might go to NY next Christmas.

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Are you European? You look a little like one

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I am European…

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I’m about 90% European through a DNA test. Thanks for noticing!


I will be adding Part 2 tomorrow!

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Just got off the flight with plenty of pics! I will add it tomorrow as I have jet lag and want to sleep.

Just finished adding in P.2!

Yes that is me! I wear glasses 🤓