Flight Report - Indigo 1706 from Hamad International to Chennai International

This is a Flight Report on Indigo 1706 from VOMM->OTHH


Decided to take the journey about 3 weeks before travel, I was looking across some cheap fares where this round-trip ticket was a steal in my opinion. Priced at 233.583USD.

Flight Details

Indigo 1706
6E 1706
Doha to Chennai
Delivered: 03-11-14
MSN 6336
Engines: 2x V2500
Departure: 1510 Local (1210Z)
Arrival: 2230 Local (1700Z)
Flight Time: 4 hours-ish

Day of the Flight

Being a Sunday, first day of the week in Qatar. We decided to leave from our house at about 1250 for the 1515 flight. Check-in closes 75 minutes prior to departure and gate closes 25ish minutes before departure. I woke up at 9, procrastinated until 11. Finished my remaining packing and we finally left at 1300 and then comes TRAFFIC. We had to a take a 15 minute detour to avoid the traffic which put us 15 minutes behind schedule. As we fled across the city through the newly built G-Ring Road. I was thinking about my next visit to Qatar.

At the Airport

We reached the airport at 1330, I immediately rushed to the check-in counters to see 3 women from Qatar Aviation Services (not Indigo) at the check-in counters. I had about 15 people infront of me. It took about 3 minutes for each passenger.

All check-in and stuff done, I head to the Immigration zone hoping I go through in about 20 minutes. To my surprise, the whole zone was empty and I didn’t stand in a queue or whatever and zoomed past security. My departure gate was E3 so I took the Train inside the airport and did some duty-free shopping. I see on the display boards that its the last call for my flight. I rush again to the Gate, even though we are still 40 minutes from departure. Then I remembered, these guys want to keep up with the “On-Time” Title.

Qatar A380-800 A7-APB - Preparing for 1930 Departure to Sydney SYD/YSSY.

Qatar B777-300ER A7-BAE - Pushing Back as QR77 to Berlin TXL/EDDT.

Taxi and Takeoff

I enter the flight and realise its pretty empty. I take my seat – 27A. I ask the Flight attendant for a change and she tells me to change after boarding is over. I change myself to 29A (second to last window seat) (since I’m anti-social and usually creepy people ask a lot of questions) and continue my journey. The Co-Pilot, announced that we would be cruising at FL 370, pretty high for a long flight on a small plane (I have done the route a couple of times and we usually do step climbing). We wait at the gate for pushback for about 10 minutes (slot issues, I guess). We make a weird turn while pushback-ing and start our engines and taxi to the last exit of Runway 16. We didn’t hold Short and turned into the runway and had a quick and short takeoff roll.

Planes pictured during Taxi

Qatar B787-8 A7-BDD - Arriving as QR190 from Vienna International VIE/LOWW.

Qatar A350-900 A7-ALE - Departing as QR15 to London Heathrow LHR/EGLL. One of the 6-7 daily flights to the UK City.

Pictures after Takeoff



Takeoff Video

(Shakey Hands + AF = Grrrr)


We cruise at FL 370 for the entire flight. Meals were served/offered (if ordered online). I was watching a Movie and after that I had my pasta. I also got GPS on my phone over Southern India :D. We started our descent with the pitch black sky around us.


The Seats were pretty soft, had decent legroom and a tiny tray table. Seats with extra legroom can be purchased for prices ranging from 4USD-10USD. There were advertisements posted on the tray tables – lol.

Small Tray Table - iPhone SE for Scale.


Pretty Good Legroom, I’m not super tall so don’t judge.


We approached into Runway 07 at VOMM, Took the 3/4 exit and we again waited on the tarmac for about 6 minutes (probably Gate issues). We landed about 30 minutes prior to scheduled arrival

No Landing Video guys, the window was fogged out

Leaving the Plane

We parked at a Gate with a JetBridge but we left the plane in Indigo’s Ramp slide which doesn’t have stairs, used for wheelchairs.

No JetBridge so got some lovely pictures of the tarmac (here is one)

Company A320-200 beside our plane

I was told not to take pictures after taking a lot of them. lol

The plane which carried us for 3200km


We were taken in a bus from the Gate to the Arrival’s terminal. I rushed for immigration as usual and it took me about 30 minutes. Baggage was fairly quick unlike my usual experiences. I booked a cab back home.

Pros and Cons of flying with Indigo


  • Cheap Fares (considering the sector and 30 kgs checked-in baggage). Next Direct Alternative was at 614USD. For 10 kg more baggage and some more amenities, I’m not spending 400more USD
  • Convenient Timings, perfect when you have work/school/college the next day. Arrives at 2230 Local
  • They are mostly ahead of schedule


  • No onboard Food service
  • No oven on their planes (Weight conservation?)
  • Most seats on the front of the plane are paid
  • Not-so convenient arrival into Doha (0230 Local)
  • Long and Slow Check-In Lines

PS1: First Flight Report, I don’t know how/what to write and would love your feedback!


You’re welcome, Dush.


@dush19 great report, really informative, nice pics, well done ;)

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Great trip report! I’ll keep all these things in mind if I ever fly with Indigo!

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I miss Hamad, i used to live in Doha (in the Pearl actually) and took the planes flying overhead at a few thousand feet for granted.

@dush19. MaxSez. First, well rounded & informativeTrip Report. The pics set the tone. You done Good! BZ Regards


बहुत बढ़िया!


For all of you wondering that means very good



Good job on the report Dushyanth! I’ve flown IndiGo plenty of times and I can relate to what you have said. Nice videos and pictures! Welcome back to India 🇮🇳


Nice trio report I’m going on a trip to Orlando soon any tips? Also #maxspeakshindi

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Bookmarked ✔

@Ishan_S @PiloteerFrankie more like #maxHasAccessToGoogleTranslate ;)


I have no ideas what the heak that says

I camelcased it for you try now ;).

I really like how detailed the report is, and love the shots of the Qatar planes 😍, that’s such a good livery!


@Insertusernamehere… MaxSez… Spoil Sport, Insertman… Why take the mystery out of a Hindi. Compliment, Bad JuJu, LOL


I’m not creepy, some people who sit near me are.

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