Flight Report- Hawaiian 51 from New York (JFK) to Honolulu (HNL)

Aloha all from the island of Oahu, Hawaii!


Today I bring you a flight report onbord Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 from New York (JFK) to Honolulu (HNL). Duration of the flight was 10 hours and 26 mins in Extra Comfort seat 19A.

At The Airport
Hawaiian Airlines is based in Terminal 5 of JFK, which is basically JetBlue’s terminal, but their are two other airlines, Aer Lingus and TAP Portugal. We departed from Gate 30 with an On Time departure and taxied and taked off from Runway 13R.

In The Flight
In this flight, I mainly watched movies and slept. The movie selection is pretty good on the IFE, nothing too amazing about it, only problem is that you have to pay for all movies, about 7.99 $ each. A pillow and blanket were offered. What I really enjoyed and highly recommend is that you fly in Extra Comfort class instead of regular economy. Those extra few inches and power outlets make the ten hour flight a bit comfortable. Hawaiian’s A330 was pretty comfortable, and I enjoyed the mood lighting that was on. Since it is a day flight, they close all window blinds and turn off the flights to let passengers sleep, which was very nice touch.

The food was kinda gross in my opinion. The portion’s were very small and dull. The main meal on this flight was a pasta in bolognese sauce, a chopped vegetable salad, a water, and cookie. But I’m not expecting good food when I’m on a plane so it didn’t make a difference, so that is why I buy snacks airside before boarding! But the salad and cookie were ok. My apologies, I forgot to take a picture. I will when I do my report home. But I took a picture of the pre arrival snack, it was a egg salad sandwich with vegetables and a chocolate covered macadamia nut. It was ok, I was pretty hungry so was down to eat anything at that point.

Approach and Landing
To my disappointment, when I booked the seats back in January, I picked the left side of the plane, and on that side it couldn’t see Honolulu when landing, but when we were on final on Runway 8L, I saw the resort I’m staying at, the Disney Aulani, and Pearl Harbor. I took my GoPro and filmed the landing. I will try and post on YouTube when I can and add a link!

Final Comments
I really enjoyed flying with Hawaiian, the crew is very nice and attentive, the seats are pretty comfortable. I look forward flying with them back home. Also, this was my first flight report so tell me what you think or what I can fix for future reports. Thanks!!


very nice report u did a good job

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Very nice pictures. Hawaii including Oahu is a very special place especially when you go to hidden places in it. Did you smell flowers when you stepped off the plane?

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Yes I did! A whole new world here compared to what I’m used too lol

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I was there 10 years ago, some things never change. Go to local spots if you can, they have better food than the tourist spots do. Plus the locals are super nice.

Yes!! I’m in north shore right now on Oahu and going through all the local spots. The only big tourist spot was the Dole Plantation that I went too and it was a zoo lol.

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I went to Aulani during Spring break this last year. Stayed there for around a week. It was great! We flew Hawain too, also an A330-200 regukuor economy tho. I agree food was nasty,


Ohh the Purple LED lighting ,nice
The A333 or A332 (forget which variant ) is one of my most favorite aircraft to fly and I really like the plane in general.
Hawaiian is a really good airline and think it’s IFE looks wierd compared to delta and American but that’s just me

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