Flight report from WIPP to WIIIl

Hello this is my first post in here about real life report about the flight

Using Lion Air


WIPP Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin 2 International


WIII Soekarno-Hatta International

This Picture
©All picture credit by Me!!

IMG_20190802_104700 see the boeing 737-900 is preparing for flight at Gate 3 WIPP

IMG_20190802_104208 see the ATR 72 Garuda Indonesia Explorer

IMG_20190802_105357 in cabin view

IMG_20190802_105347 IMG_20190802_105350 Pushback and ready for takeoffIMG_20190802_112204_1 climbing and flaps 15°IMG_20190802_114012_1 in 32.000ft
IMG_20190802_120428 Arrived in WIII About 50Minute Flight and flaps 40°

Safe landing and smooth!!

Lets fly high and safe fly



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This should go in real world aviation

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I just share my flight report not TL alright


Nice pics.😀

Thanks dude

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Geez that window is filthy

Yup, this is the old 739

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