|Flight Report| Finnair A350-900| Helsinki to Singapore

Flight Info

Aircraft: A350-900
Airline: Finnair
Flight Time: 10hrs 40mins
Route: Helsinki Vantaa to Singapore Changi

Hi everyone, I’m back with another flight report!
Yesterday I flew to Singapore in a Finnair A350! This route that I took was extremely interesting, taking me through Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and several other countries! I also took an absolutely amazing route over the Himalayas, I do realise that this most likely wouldn’t take place in real life due to the height of the mountains but it made for amazing photos.

About to pushback from the stand

Crossing the Estonia-Russia border

Approaching Kazakhstan

Flying across Western China

Flying over the Himalayas possibly even with Mount Everest on the horizon

Nearing the edge of the mountains

Approaching the coast of Myanmar

Approaching Malaysia 🇲🇾

Finally touching down in Singapore after 10hrs and 40mins in the air


Definitely great photos knowing how new you are with this category! Maybe try to crop the photos and edit them and they would be amazing

Yeah, I’ll try that with my next report!😁😁


Please tell me that u didn’t land on 02C

Nice pictures too!

Looks like 02C to me sigh

aS “reALiSM poLicE” i diSApprOvE oF thiS

That looks great! What was the flight plan?

I’ll try and get back to you on that asap🤓

What’s everyone’s problem with 02C😂😂😂

Ik right?!😂

Pretty cool! Looks like an amazing flight with a cool aircraft and great scenery! Try playing with some lighting and color and they’d be perfect!

The second to last one is fire 🔥

Awesome pictures!

Thanks everyone!

Nice photos! For further reference, airliners are actually not allowed over the Himalayas. Other than that, keep up the good work!

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Awesome, thanks!

What’s with 02C? I thought it was quite common for aircraft to land there - including this particular flight irl.

Normally 02L is used for landings and 02C is for takeoffs, I think u so happened to see the flight which happened on 12 March when it was an exception

ok I have no idea why they rotated the runways today BUT it’s normally that way in WSSS