I think many of you know this website, For those who haven’t know the website, Flight-Report.com is a social media website dedicated to flight reviews. Flight-Report.com has 7000+ users & 14 000+ reports by 2016.

Does anybody have an account on there? Or have you published a FR on there? Just Curious


What even? But okay I will check it out!

Never Seen it. May check it out.

Why not post in #real-world-aviation as it’s aviation related.

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I’m just sharing a Flightreport website, It’s quite interesting so why not share it to this community? 😉

I was unsure to post this in RWA, You can move this if you want to =)

Lets spread the joy! 😂

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I have my account and I have published my reports 😊

Available on the French version only

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I read nearly every report .

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Nice! May I know your username?

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Catch me if you can ;-)

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