Flight replacing

Hello, so I’m playing for a long time and made some long hauls and I saw that just 50% of my flight are finished.
Why is that? I saw that I can’t really be sure that I’ll have time, when I make a 10 hours flight I can’t be 100% sure that I’ll finish it, and sometimes forget it and it screws my plans.
So what do I think about it?
I think we should make an option that people can replace you, when you enter the game you see in the menu pilots which want to get a replacement (they declared it on the game) and than you can replace them and continue the flight
What do you say? If you like it please vote

This could be feasible on a LAN network, but I see difficulties in connecting with someone else halfway across the world.

Also, don’t get discouraged that you quit your long haul flights. You still accrue the XP and flight time up to the point you leave the session. :)


I think he is saying that the flight just gets handed over to a separate network and they host the flight from that point on,

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But this is making me upset

And how could I possibly pass my flight on to someone who is halfway across the world? 🤔 Being on the same network will make this much easier. Either that, or the developers will have to delve in creating private IP networks for each user so you can essentially “connect” to their network, even if a user is miles away. Basically, it’s setting up a private server in another server. Sounds expensive.

Don’t do long haul flights then. I don’t have much time myself. Sometimes I may start a long haul and I might have to quit the session because I have other much more important things to deal with. Like I said, you still get the XP and flight time accrued so far. There’s no loss at all, really.

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It’s not really realistic or feasible unless IF had the economy power of a large Goverment.

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What if the person who takes over your flight purposely trolls or crashes your flight? You wouldn’t want to get your plane ghosted by another person right? If you don’t have the time to do long hauls, you don’t have the time. It is what it is.

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I am rather confused for this feature, probably from the overuse of pronouns.

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I don’t mix the idea and I kind of think of it as having a copilot. Although as @Yacht said there could be people who intend to crash your plane or get you ghosted so we would have to figure out a way to get past that problem:)

I guess what the OP wants it to have a first officer option when a pilot can join the cockpit and fly the plane if the captain has given such permission.

I think that the violations and ghostings should be given to the pilot in command. So if the original pilot is piloting and he crashes, then he receives penalty but if the captain has left and a first officer (who joined in the cockpit) is in command and he crashes, then only he receives penalties.

I think it is a great idea for VA’s as well, as it would ease the training process as a trainer will be able to see all actions made by the trainee and therefore evaluate his flying abilities.

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