Flight release paperwork

Anyone use Simbrief to create and print flight releases for IF? Who ever prints off the WHOLE shebang (FIR NOTAMS, NOTAMS, weather briefing, detailed maps, etc)? I printed off an ENTIRE 24-page JetBlue formatted release for a CLT-TPA flight at work with our office printer just for fun while in between working our real flights. 😂 showed it to my fellow ramp agents and they got SO tripped up by it. We were talking about how the Simbrief releases are so realistic, they might almost be considered legit at first glance.

Kinda like printing off the entire packet now. It just FEELS nice. Need a laser printer at home



Seems like a waste of paper if you ask me as you can just look at it all on a laptop or whatever device you don’t use IF with. But hey, whatever floats your boat!


Lol not gonna lie. It’s a huge waste of paper.

I just created one and it looks realistic

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It’s literally the best!

But a waste of paper tho

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It looks like the papers in the cockpit

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here’s mine

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The ones we use at Allegiant average 30-45 pages. Even longer than this. Kinda wish simbrief had the Allegiant format, they’re quite nice.

Are you a captain for alligent

Allegiant I meant to say

Lol, just a ramp agent. We are contacted under AAY though.

Here’s an example of the releases I run to the gate every morning I work.

So are you or what do you do

Oh ok cool do you drive the baggage trams to the planes

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