Flight Recover

Given the high performance occupation of IF, app crash is a headache on any device configuration.
IF data such as the duration of a flight can be saved in real time, and even a partial replay can be generated, this means that it is possible to recover an interrupted flight.
I think there should be an option to rejoin flight after reopening the game.

While this is a good idea - I can foresee a number of issues this could create…

For example, if this feature became a thing - it shouldn’t be allowed say if the game crashed on final, especially if you were landing at a very busy airport with ATC, otherwise that would create a lot of issues if you were on final and someone else reloaded their flight and spawned right in front of you, also on final.

So while it would be a good idea…the developers would need to decide at what point should you no longer be allowed to resume the flight.


Maybe the user can only “respawn” in solo mode? They can still finish the flight, just not with the risk of disturbing atc or live traffic?


Or maybe you can only respawn before the plane starts its descent

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