Flight Recommendations

Hi guys. This chat is for recommending routes that you think are good to other people. There are four different types of routes. Short Haul 0H-3H Medium Haul 4H-6H, Long Haul 7H-9H and finally Extreme Long Haul 10H to 24H. I hope this chat proves useful for everyone.

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Happy Flying ✈️

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I recommend a route from Keflavik - Edinburgh and also London Heathrow to Lisbon. I did KEF-EDI in A318 Airbus Livery and LHR - LIS in A320 TAP Portugal 🇵🇹 They are both short haul routes

Not to be that guy or anything, but these two topics are pretty similar.

If I’m wrong, just tell me and I’ll delete my post.


No, I didn’t realise but they are sort of different

You have both this:

and this:

I’d say we stick with those :)


That one is in general and it’s just him saying a load of routes this is for seeing other people’s routes