Flight Recommendations with Air Baltic

Hello there, I am just curiously asking if there is any Air Baltic Recommendations that I can do with the 757.
Btw if there is any problems let me know
Thank you
PS lets keep it around 2 hours

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One of my favourites is Riga to Almaty, great scenery and a nice 5 hour flight

My time to shine!

Gatwick to Riga
Hurghada to Riga via Antalya
Barcelona to Riga
Riga to Dubai
Riga to Dushanbe

Ah Thanks(10 words)

btw lets try and keep it about 2 hours

Which one is the shortest one??

Gatwick to Riga is a fair bit below 3 hours. I’ll find a shorter one.


Ah ok(10 words)

Riga to Oslo is under two hours if you want a shorter route

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Ah THanks I’ll try that out on the weekend

Tallinn to Riga is pretty short at 50 minutes!

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Thanks perfect for the Q400

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oooh i might try this!

Moscow to Riga is a nice 1hr 30min - 2hr flight

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Thank you also Perfect better start taking down notes lol

You have been waiting for this topic haven’t you?

…No comment. Its a nice surprise at least 😂

@CaptainAli_yt Riga to Dusseldorf is an option too, fits your 2 hour criteria.


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