Flight Recapture: Taipei to Tokyo

Here’s a collection of some photos I took during my flight.

Today, I flew China Airlines flight 108 from Taipei Taoyuan to Tokyo Narita on TS1. I tried to replicate the real flight as much as possible. I departed the same time as the real flight and flew a real flight plan generated from SimBrief. (When I compared my flight to the real one using FlightRadar24, I was very surprised to see how similar our routes were.)

Waiting for pushback

Another A330 taking off

Departing Taipei

Leaving coast of Taiwan


Arrival into Tokyo, Narita



Nice pictures!


OH-MY-GOD it’s so niceeeeeeee ! Nice shots dud !

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soo cool! good job!

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Cool pictures and well edited!

I really like how you told a story about your pics or what’s happening in the pictures!


Nice dude.

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The midflight edit looks pretty realitic with the lighting,

Awesome edits.


I LOVE the editing, if only IF looked that good

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Amazing pictures - good job with the editing

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nice pictures, I liked it a lot because you edited stuff I always wanted.

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Wonderful pics!!! Love the cabin view and lighting effects. Maybe the devs will hear us some day. Edit:I know they want it too!!!

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Those photos are perfection.
Also lucky that you followed the real flight!

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Very cool editing! I like it!

Wow…Wow no words just so nice and now it is hard to go back to the way it is right now

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Great photos! Hope you had an enjoyable flight.

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I love the left-wing view just before touching down

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WOW, these photo’s are amazing!



That looks really good

Thank you!