Flight radar

How to use flight radar in infinite flight am not seeing anything can you guide me guys

What exactly are you looking for? If you’re looking for the Infinite Flight aircraft that have been added to FR24, choose a flight in FR24, click on the 3D view button, watch the ads if you don’t have an FR24 subscription and enjoy. Note that some aircraft still use FR24’s old models, so keep an eye on that.

Yes but I don’t know how to do

you need to select a flight and then the 3D view button at the bottom of the overview card

I need to select a flight from infinite flight right then 3d view in infinite flight

you need to use flightradar24 to view infinite flight aircraft models. i think you meant this

which at the moment is just an idea. it is not a feature in the app.

Is it only available in mission,is it available in multiplayer expert server

If you would like to see infinite flight aircraft in flightradar24, do the following:

Go to flightradar24.com
click on an airplane
click the 3D icon in the bottom corner to see the 3D model

If you would like to use flightradar24 through infinite flight as Madison said above, that is not yet possible at all and is just a feature request.

I hope this helps?

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it isn’t available at all right now.

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You are misunderstanding.

All it is is FlightRadar24 is now using Infinite Flight’s aircraft models for its 3D view on its website and app.

This is not related to the Infinite Flight app at all.

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