Flight radar 24

Can someone tell me how I can download and use fr24 flight plans, found a forum page other day but can’t find it, so any advice would be kindly acknowledged, I do have fr24 gold so I shoukd be able to do it.


You want to tap on an airport’s icon

then hit “departures” or “arrivals”

youll be on this screen, im going to use this 737 as an example, it’s recommended to find a plane that’s currently flying to get the route

then, tap on the plane and get the flight info

I hope this helped! Have a nice day

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No I mean there’s a way you can download the flight plan then actually use it on infinite flight, that’s what I qnat too do

I think this is what you mean:

You’ll want to convert the KML file to FPL here.

Click on the downloaded file and select Infinite Flight. You’ll want to have IF already open before doing so.


@TheUnluckyDucky there’s no way to do that, unfortunately

You can follow @Lotus’s steps, but you need a premium subscription to do so (if I’m not mistaken) + that it will not give you waypoints, but a enormous amount of GPS coordinates instead

Further to this, my game dosent work properly for example when change camera, the buttons just disappear

You can’t do it on FR24 but you can do something similar on flightaware that uses flight plans from FR24.

Step 1. Go to flightaware.com and put in a flight you are looking for.

Step 2. After that, select the flight you want to copy.

Step 3. Once you pick your flight. Scroll down to where you see “Decode” and click it.

Step 4. After you decode, copy the URL.

Step 5. Go to fpltoif.com and press flight aware

Step 6. Scroll down to “Plan using URL” and paste the URL from flight aware that you copied

Step 7. You now have your flight plan! Copy it and paste it into Infinite flight.


Thank you!

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No problem! This is what I do on most of my flights if I want a realistic flight plan.

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