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What is the best aircraft for EGLL-YSSY nonstop? The 747 and 787 fly 19 hours according to full fuel and the route is 20 hours


Try the Airbus A350-900.


I agree with @BerGen, the A350-900 is probably your best option - can fly over 24 hours if you manage your fuel.


A350? Isnt the A380 a better option?

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The A380 is a very old model and its fuel consumption is pretty bad. This may change though with the reworked version.

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787 can make that flight, if you manage your cruising altitude well. However you will probably have more luck if you pick an aircraft such as the A350, or 777. Both can fly for over 24 hr nonstop in IF.

This topic is fairly useful if you want to maximize your fuel burn if you decide on the 787 or A350


Oh i see…(10char)

Yea me too I just did Dublin to New York in the 350 and I was testing the fuel it goes up to 20 hours

Probably not the 380 is a old model and the 350 is for ultra long haul flights the 380 is for maximum 16 hours

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Here’s the list:

  • 777-200(LR) [~33 hours]
  • 777-200(F) [~31 hours]
  • MD-11 [~30 hours under specific conditions]
  • 767-300 [~28 hours]
  • 777-200(ER) [~28 hours]
  • 777-300(ER) [~26 hours]
  • A350-900 [~25 hours]

Each of the above planes can do it no problem, loaded or not. The MD-11 has some funny stuff you need to worry about. The next couple can do it but you might have to watch your load/have good winds.

  • A330-900 [~24 hours]
  • A330-300 [~24 hours]
  • 787-8 [~23 hours]
  • A380-800 [~22 hours]
  • 787-9 [~21 hours]
  • 787-10 [~21 hours]
  • 747-8 [~21 hours]
  • 737-700 (above MTOW) [~19 hours]
  • DC-10 (this is really pushing it) [~19 hours]

People in this game overrate the A350. It’s not even in the top 5 for longest range - in fact it slots in number 7. Additionally, this is only if you fly low, as IF’s A350 is most efficient around FL280-330. But let’s be real, everyone wants to fly their A350 at FL410 so its rank should be even slower than that.

The best choice? Obviously the 777-200(LR). Completely unloaded, it’ll do a 20 hour flight with 55% of its fuel capacity (this is literally barely above MLW). Even fully loaded, it only needs 67% fuel leading to a takeoff weight of just 82%. Its maximum flight time when fully laden with passengers and cargo is 25:30, meaning it can almost fly further fully loaded than a completely empty A350-900.

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Inspirational TED talk… Tysm, @AndrewWu !

I’ve personally used the A350, 789, A380 and 77L on routes of same or longer length than EGLL-YSSY but there are certainly others that work, like what @AndrewWu listed

Now i cant believe the 380 can go up to 22 hours of fuel with 24.2

It can actually do more if you drop your flaps (which I don’t think the old one could), but yeah they’re pretty similar