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Hi IF Community. Forgive me if I am posting on the wrong side of the forum I haven’t been on here in years. I am a little frustrated and also sad at the same time. I had just rebought my subscription today and began a flight from LAX to LHR hoping I would be able to pull my stats back up for the 10th anniversary so I could fly on the expert server. I was descending into London when my IPad died. My iPad had been plugged in all day and I watched the battery in it torture me as I went into try and beat it. I was around 80NM out. This game is a real killer to battery life and it sucks that it is because I very much enjoy it. I have torn my IPad Airs battery to shreds doing long haul flights. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? And instead of the battery dying while I’m flying while plugged in it charges? I tried to turn as much off as I could and it still kept dying. I’d love to fly in for the event but I’m not sure my iPad will be able to handle it. Thanks any help is appreciated!

  1. Turn on low power mode
  2. Turn all your graphics all the away down
  3. Turn on limit frame rate
  4. Turn your brightness all the way down
  5. Turn airplane count down to none
  6. Use your phone it chargers better

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have “torn your iPad airs battery to shreds” this may be your issue. Your device battery may not be running at it’s fullest potential. This can occur from over charging your device. Apple offers new battery replacements but it may be pricy. Good news is that your stats are saved from the last moment your session took place so all the flight stats should add up.


Yes, I would recommend an intact battery for best performance.

What device do you have?

The iPad Air 2. It’s a little older got it for Christmas a while back almost specifically for IF which is crazy but it was so I didn’t kill my phones battery. Kinda served its purpose. But now it seems unplayable on. It takes forever to charge and it dies very quick.

I have over 450 flight hours almost all on the iPad. Mostly from when I was in Air Canada VA running long hauls from Toronto to Seoul or Hong Kong.

I would try to put the camera in a position that makes the screen black during cruise. This saves battery. Make sure to always check when you are descending so you can reset your camera. Also turn the brightness down. :-)

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I would also like to add fly on night mode 100% of the time. If you really want to get serious, you can change the date to the winter solstice in whatever hemisphere you’re in for minimal sunlight on long hauls (going east at least, going west it’s not necessary). One thing that has really helped my 6S (which has the larger part of 11000 hours on it) is using the tail camera and facing it at the sky. This makes it so the game won’t render the ground below, saving you a ton of battery and strain.

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Adding on. Turn down the volume all the way on long hauls. It’s surprising how much battery it saves!

actually my 6s handles using the free cam and pointing it into the sky better

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Never tried that before but I can see how that would also work. I’d just be afraid of when you took it off free cam and the camera had to teleport like 5000 nm. Also, using tail cam has gotten me through 91 hour flights, so OP just pick whatever works for you.

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OP can you send a screenshot of the following:

Settings → Battery → Battery Health

That will help us a little bit.

ah yeah that’s the best part

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