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Do you know a site that allows you to fill with the 20.1 update the flight levels at each point or we will have to do it ourselves manually?

Could you clarify what you mean please?

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I think he means that not every waypoint on a STAR/SID has an altitude restriction associated/shown with it (its blank).

If you look up the official airport charts for a particular airport, you might be able to find more altitudes that you can plug in manually!

To add on to that, no every single waypoint has a restriction.

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Hello, With the update 20.1 I saw that we could set the flight altitudes put when we have a long flight before leaving to set each waypoint the attitude or there is another way, after I do not understand much about the update even watching the video presentation and the multiple tutorials I feel lost …

Currently I use FPLTOIF except that it does not connect to SID / STAR or I am lost

Hello, you are unable to climb with the current version of VNAV, only descend.

If you leave an altitude blank it will remain at your current altitude until the top of descent which is calculated for you.

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I haven’t tried the new workflow for feeding SIDS/STARS found within the app itself vs bringing them from a simbrief or FPLTOIF generated flight plan yet, will try it soon and get back to you on that!


Okay so I just imported a simbrief FPL to my fmc on the 777, and the waypoints that simbrief gave me for the departure procedure were the same as the ones found in game, minus the altitude restrictions.

So you can either, add the corresponding SID to your FPL, move the group of waypoints to the top, and delete the ones simbrief provided or stick to what simbrief gave you and add the altitude restrictions yourself.

For the arrival STARS, it’s best to leave the waypoint signifying your destination airport and then when you are an hour from landing, select the appropriate STAR based on runway usage or ATC instruction. Shift and adjust your FPL accordingly to meet the STAR.

Either way it looks like you still have to manually enter some altitude restrictions, which again airport charts provide via a simple google search. Hope that was helpful, and now proper flight planning will take longer, but its necessary and realistic!

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Can we assign a specific altitude for a particular waypoint manually in our FPL? I mean if I don’t want to fly a STAR can i assign an altitude to a specific waypoint so VNAV flies me to it?!

Yes you can. Just tap the waypoint on the Map+flight plan page and hit set altitude. To clear and alt just set alt to 0ft or leave blank and hit ok.

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Yes, you can add your own altitude by clearing it, and then entering whatever you want.

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