Flight QF7879 “Project Sunrise”

I tried to recreate the 19 hour and 19 minutes non-stop flight from London to Sydney.

This is a flight operated by Qantas called “project sunrise” because you see 2 sunrises during this flight.
irl this flight is non-stop but i had to make 1 stop at Alice Springs airport because i was out of fuel
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Time: 19h 23m

Parked at the gate at Heathrow Airport

Take off!

The 1st sunrise

Cruising above the Indian ocean

Sunset from this beautiful wing view

2nd sunrise while approaching Australia

Had to make a quick stop at Alice Springs Airport

Finally approaching Sydney

And after 19 hours i finally landed at Sydney airport


Nice photos however, you have exceeded the limit of pictures which is 10. You have 12 plus a gif.


Nice shots! They look fantastic

To make it all at once, maybe try putting ~ 100 passengers as it was in real life!

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Really nice screenshots! A quick question, why did you stop at Alice Springs? Did you not have enough fuel? The 787-9 (which is used on that route) can “easily” do that flight on a full tank irl. Is the 787-9 fuel burn not accurate in IF? Or did you simply not choose the most fuel efficient way of cruising?

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I actually put only 50 passengers

I think its because the fuel burn isn’t accurate. Because at first it said with a full tank the aircraft could fly 19h 30m but when i was cruising it said only around 14 hours

Hmm…did you step climb? And at what speed were you cruising?

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I play infinite flight just for fun and don’t do all that professional stuff😄


I did project sunrise with A350 nonstop but as @callaa said, step climb is a pretty crucial & challenge to do this route.

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Haha that’s totally fine!

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Nice Photos

I thought it was 40 passengers they had on board based on Sam Chui vid.

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Nice shots , good video of arrival

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really nice pictures!

how is your device still alive after a 19 hour flight??? Mine would’ve exploded lol


Beautiful shots ! Is your device ok ? I’m planning to do this really special flight around the beginning of April !

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I use my old iPhone while charging with battery saving mode on and my phone is actually still fine after a 19 hour flight lol

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Oh ok thanks ! 😉

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