Flight Promotion Video Questions

Hello people! I see many youtubers doing flight promotions on their videos representing their VA. I have never done a flight promo, but I want to see how it works. How do you do it? How do you edit it? How do you add music to it? And etcera etcera. Let me know in the comments below.
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@Nate_Schneller does fantastic videos and photos. He’s got a really good thing going on. Maybe message him and ask him if he’s not too busy.

Thank you very much this will help me a lot! I regard you a lot!!

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If you have Apple you have iMovie built in. It should work great for a promo, you can record some shots, put them into iMovie and add music to the bottom!
There are also sweet built in transitions, great for switching from VA Logo to footage.

And finally you can add text with it using the title feature!


If you have a Windows computer you can use movie maker but it ain’t that good. Howevers there are tons of others free for download.

There is, Hitfilm 4 Express, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Short Cut Videoeditor!


https://youtu.be/pdUSPdLOswI Already done 👍🏻

That is spectacular! I recommend though when recording turning off landing aid and other unrealistic things. However those transitions were smooth! If you do plan to add music I suggest lyricless videos, I tried to make a flight vid with lyrics, it wasn’t the best. xD

I use Imove to edit and if you are on iOS you can screen record it.

If you have a good Apple tablet (no more than 2 years old, unless it’s an iPad Pro), then I recommend LumaFusion. It does cost money, but if you have a passion for editing, it’s worth it! iMovie is decent, but it’s not very powerful on mobile. LumaFusion is like a full pro video editor.
I do recommend an iPad Pro with it though, because the extra RAM is really handy.
The built in screen recorder for iOS 11 does work for some people, but it can be unreliable. I recommend Vidih, which does cost money and can be clunky, but it’s worth it. It’s also on the App Store, so you don’t need to download any sketchy software.

Now that I have mastered the flight promo how do I make route maps for my VA?

You have too go through the IFVARB process.

Well I have finished the website with rank badges. When should I request for approval?

Are you creating a whole seperate VA?
That’s a completely seperate thing and isn’t really related to this topic, is it?
I suggest reading through this topic:

@Tecnam2TA is the king of video making. Get in touch with him ;)

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You should contact an IFVARB member in the Link provided below