Flight Prep Binder

Hey IFC! I know that there are some topics regarding what people should put in a flight binder for prep, but I was wondering if people could give me specific things I should put in the binder and links to the sheets I should print out. Should I have charts for the major airports and be sure I have charts for smaller airports I may fly to? What else should I add? Let me know below!!


One of the things I find helpful is a METAR and TAF decoding guide to help memorize the information. I kept those things in a binder but moved to saving them on a specific thumb drive because some charts are lengthy.

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Great! Where do you advise I find and print those? Is there a website?

A good place to start is here type in the search line METAR and see what comes up. Then they are all over the internet; some guides are easier to understand than others. Believe it or not, I have 21 METAR guides on my flash driveā€¦just in caseā€¦keep flying!!

Thanks so much!

I usually put the following down for me when I write them out -
Departure/ Arrival
Cargo (lbs)
Fuel (lbs)
Gate (both departing and arrival)
Runways (departing and arrival)
Departure and arrival taxi times
Cruise Altitude
Crude speed
And Alternate airport with waypoints
*This is what I created because it helps me figure out the things I need to put in Simbrief when creating a portfolio

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