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Hi guys, i m planning to do a flight from Zurich to Los Angeles by using the Boeing 777-300ER. Can anyone suggest a cruise altitude for the first 5 hours of the flight in order to reduce the stepclimbing issue ?

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If you plan your flight using simbrief - infinite flight on fpltoif.com then this will suggest altitudes throughout the flight giving you the most efficient way to get from A to B.


Start with FL320 with M0.84 or M0.85

I would go:

Takeoff --> FL280 --> FL330 --> FL370

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The real flight seems to use mainly FL300 or FL320 as an initial cruising altitude.

Welcome to space.


Oops, my bad 😂

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What the real flight cruises at (without waypoints and general navigation)

You’re expecting an 11 and a half hour flight 🙃

Climbs to 30,000ft until off land, and then up to 32,000 (FL300).

Then climb up to FL340 once entering Canada.

Then finally climbing to the summit at FL360 at about 1600nm out.

Sigh… The only problem I have with FPL to IF is that they haven’t updated their IF Navigation database and on Simbrief’s side, the PACOTS isn’t integrated (strange though the NATS is). The waypoints are also too close together and will sometimes cause larger planes to “loop” around because the next leg hasn’t been activated.

And thus I’ve to go through the pain to manually type out an FPL when crossing the Pacific.

Using simbrief should tell you your initial and final cruising altitudes, but it’s common for the 77W to start out at FL300 for long haul flights.

I’ve done fuel flow testing with the 77W. At M.84, the most efficient step climb weights are approximately going west:
Start at 300
At 264t climb to 320
At 235t climb to 360
At 206t climb to 380
My testing was not precise enough to give 340 anywhere but the difference is small enough it doens’t matter.

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