Flight plans

Does anyone know a good website to get realistic flight plans ?

if to fpl would do :)

Hello! There are a lot of websites you can a FPL from. Personally I use fpltoif.com or Simbrief to get my FPL. On top of it gives you all the necessary information for your flight.


What’s that?

When I use thst it makes random lines and messes up my fpl

When you use fpltoif do you press simbreif?

You can delete those fixes/waypoints if they make weird things (:

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Yes, I do (:

sometimes this website might have some silly mistakes, like telling ppl to cross the taiwan strait or enter the north korea airspace, but you can always edit it in your fpl after u copied the one provided by if to fpl :)

Yh but say I do a departure proc the fpl goes there and messed it up

Anyone got a flight i can do

You can use the random genrator from fpltoif.com press here to find it

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then don’t copy the first few waypoints in simbrief. Then you have a valid SID and have the FPL from there. :)

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I’m gonna try it once more


When your looking for a flight, fpltoif.com also has a random flight generator.

I use simbreif.

Fpltoif? Is that the website ?

I use https://flightplandatabase.com/

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I use that sometimes

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Hey @Lewis_Ryan!

I wanted to chime in because it seems that there might still be some confusion, and I’d like to try and clear that up! Flight Plan To Infinite Flight is a website that covers multiple aspects, and can be used as a tool to make flight plans, check where ATC may be active, decode a METAR at a specific airport, and even an ATC directory or livery database (not advertising, just explaining)!

Now, what you’re trying to decipher is how to get flight plans. Personally, every time I go to get a flight plan, I visit the simbrief section of FPLtoIF, where all you have to do is type in your departure airport, arrival airport, aircraft, and whether you’d like to step climb or not as a basic minimum, everything else can be left on auto if you choose to leave it that way.

After you’ve entered all necessary information there, you can scroll to the bottom where there will be a “Generate Flight Plan” button in yellow. Then, after you let it load (you may have to log into simbrief), there will be a yellow box with your flight plan in it and all your extra flight information below!

I hope I was able to assist you and hopefully clear up some or any confusion that there might’ve been, have a good day!