Flight plans

Does anyone know where I can find real flight plans used by airlines.

.هل تدرون وين ألجأ فلايت بلان مال الطياران الكويتية

Thank you for all your responses.

Check FlightAware.com

(Flights to/from the US Only though)

What I do is I go to Google, look up the route, and see which airlines fly it.

https://fpltoif.com/ uses real world FLP and routes

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Their looking for FLP, not routes:)

Oh, my bad.

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Not sure, but onlineflightplanner.org makes very realistic routes with waypoints and everything. It’s simple, too. I don’t know if it exactly follows real world routes but it’s accurate.

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Www.fpltoif.com is good and is made for Infinite Flight…

I don’t know what has happened in this translation though… 😂


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Try it now😂😂

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