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So I want to use FPLTOIF, but a major reason I don’t is the fact that I can’t get runway departure paths.

In the photo above, you can see if I followed the FPL, I’d not safely exit the airspace.
I remember seeing something about SIDs and am wondering how I can add in runway departure SIds then maintain the FPLTOIF flightplan.


Most flight planning systems, fpltoif included, cannot accommodate the correct SID because there are a number of options to choose from.

You will need to pull up the SID chart for your airport and manually add the SID waypoints.

I am working on a newer version of the site which will allow you to insert waypoint before copying to IF.


Simbrief is your friend 😉

A nice way to do it is to copy the FPL into your notes, then add your desired departure waypoints (can be taken from SID or just common sense depending on desired realism), then copy and paste the whole thing back into Infinite Flight. That’s my method.


You can do these in two way…easy way or the hard way!

Easy way

Start your flight plan beyond the airport, so you will have to fly manual from take off until you can pick up your first way point.

Hard way

When you copy your flight plan from Simbrief or FLTPTOIF, paste it into notes on your iPad or tablet. Then open up the airport charts, select the aappropriate SID and then note down the extra waypoints. Add these on to your flight plan in your notes section (after your departure airport code and before your first waypoint). Then copy the whole of the new flight plan into Infinite Flight. You might need to “tidy up” some of the way points after it has loaded up so it flows correctly, then you are ready to push back!

Good luck and happy landings.


Can’t belive didn’t think of that sooner,
Thanks you all from a now very happy pilot :-)

I’ve done the semi easy way @David_Lockwood, I made my own departure plan and just added those three waypoints in front of the FPLTOIF plan.
Thanks everyone!
You can close this now 😉


Even simbrief does not include all the SID/STAR routes. For example taking off on 35/36 out of DFW simbrief will not give you all the SID points. Simbrief knows it is the JASPA5 SID but if you are departing north it does not include the loop around. There are times, depending on winds and routes, that you get more waypoints and may get lucky.

Part of the fun is the planning. Working on the site really got me into the research and planning to make my flights more realistic.


Preview of what I am working on…


Looks great Chris, looking forward to having a play with that when it’s released. Lots of hard work done there BZ.

I believe I briefly covered one of the many ways to put an actual SID into your flight plan. Note that (and this is very important) a lot of SIDs won’t keep you lined up with the runway heading. In that case, just head towards the first waypoint in the SID, unless it’s straight out departures only.


This is true. I am aware of this fact (and I believe Simbrief and IF operate on different AIRAC cycles, assuming you don’t pay for navigraph), however, I didn’t think this was important to mention as I assumed the person asking was relatively new to this sort of thing. Appreciate the heads up though :)


Wait, Can’t you get a SID from SimBrief flight planner and use the SimBrief classic to convert the entire plan into a IF plan, which would include the SID?

That tip is game changing!

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your site is an absolute god send chris!!

I pick the SID and STAR I want then manually enter those in Simbrief (as in each fix, not just BOMET7 for example) along with my route that way I know no fixes are skipped. Then FPLtoIF and paste into IF.

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This’ll be really useful! I’ve been using @rileymoyer’s method since I started using FPLtoIF.com

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