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So I just spent like 20mins coppyingbleter by letter a FPL for a norwegan 788 going KFLL to Copenhagen, I copyed it oit of flightaware, and typed the Waypoints into the seach bar, and was wondering if anyone knew a faster way to do this?

Copy it from flight aware then paste it into the search bar

Oh you can do that?! Great!

You can use this awesome website created by @Chris_S.

  1. Go to flight aware and find your flight you want to copy using FlightFinder.
  2. Under the Flight Data section on the right, click on “Decode”
    The flight plan will be displayed.
  3. Copy the whole url from that page. For example, Flight Plan Route Decoded ✈ DAL1911 05-Jan-2018 (KATL-KDFW) - FlightAware
  4. Paste it into the field above and press the button.
    The plan will be analyzed and compared to existing IF waypoints to generate your plan.
  5. If a waypoint could not be found, the GPS coordinates are used.
  6. Copy the final flight plan by clicking “Copy Flight Plan” from the bottom table
    7.Open Infinite Flight and paste the plan into your IF flight plan
    If needed, remove any incorrect waypoints due to duplicates

Please do be advised that this does not work for some countries.

[Above steps’ credit go to Chris Schaffer]


I am on the Ipad version of flight aware, and It wolnt let me copy

Oh I see, I misread the instructions

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Whst I found that it only works on flights from Europe

Using simbrief with the site gives better results. Flight aware only works with the US and certain international flights to and from. the US.


How do you get FPLs in sim breif


The link above is a flight planning website that creates FPLs and all you have to do is enter dep/arr ICAO’s, FL, Speed. There may be some weird waypoints when you copy into IF, if so just delete those waypoints and you should be good to go.

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Thanks all, the FPL was great, but had to divert to the canary islands

Whilst I use Simbrief as well as online flight planner, I find the Flight aware does work in other countries for selecting flight plans. Often use it for flights in Europe or down in Australia

  1. Pick the departure and arrival airport.
  2. Find STARs and SIDs for the general direction I’ll be departing and arriving from.
  3. Select the airways that follow the great circle distance as closely as possible.
  4. Have SimBrief (or your preferred planning tool) crunch the numbers for me.

Adjust plan as needed, particularly for arrival if the runway I planned on using is different, usually because of weather.

I don’t like or trust auto-generated routes, though I will use them if I’m short on time.

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