Flight Plans on Infinite Flight

Just getting used to using flight plans on Infintie Flight. Wondered if anyone could suggest some for me to use? Thanks.

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Just make your own ones! :) Flight plans have no end!


There are many ohers.

Long live the DC-9!

Can anyone help me with understanding flight plan properly as not sure what all the white lines are meaning and different circles around different airports and stuff. Many thanks

@Darren_Fuller. Darren. Go to FAA.gov. Down load the free “Pilots Handbook”. All your answers are there. OR… Google “Aeronautical Chart Symbols”. Max Sends

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The Randon Flight Generator I posted on this site: Random Flight Generator does exactly that. Click the button and it will generate a random flight along with a suited plane and all the stats required to fly that plane. It requires Excel to work!

Here is a simplified real world flight route which Alaska Airlines fly each day. Just find the indicated waypoints and fly at the indicated altitudes and speeds.

You will be flying the HELNS FIVE ARRIVAL ROUTE from KSEA RW 16L and landing at KPDX RW 28R.

And the HAWKZ FOUR ARRIVAL ROUTE from KPDX RW 28L and landing at KSEA RW 16R.

Cruising altitude is 20,000 feet


This site has loads you can use!

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So you can for example is single player where there is no ATC approach to guide you, you can fly right to the runway in use

Probably one of the most famous if not, THE MOST recognisable GPS approaches in commercial aviation. One guess!

White lines are airways, while the triangles are fixes(waypoint). There also some vor areas with blue circles that means the starting point of airways.
Refer to the tutorial below:

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If you want a quick and easy flight plan to be created for you, just go to the link below!

Just go to the Quick Plan section and type in your departure and arrival airport. It will generate a flight plan for you. Some of their flight plans can be a bit long, so you can also leave out a few waypoints. Just type in the generated fixes into your flight plan on IF!

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I suggest that if you use https://skyvector.com/ for any route planning in the future. If you are planning to fly a real life route, use https://flightaware.com/ and type in the airline and the flight number. If you need a full in depth video, check this one out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiQ3EKvA7sk&t=149s

How to download the flp for infinite flight from there?

You need to copy the fp onto your clipboard, then paste it into the search bar. Then it will generate the fp.
The second option, copy the fp onto a piece of paper then type the waypoints one by one and adding it to your fp
Hope it helps :)
Isaac from Hong Kong

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Tyler got some very good suggested route and their flight plans, too 🛬🛫