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I am a huge huge lover of Infinite Flight!!! And I absolutely love Global. However, I keep running into annoying issue when it comes to making and executing long flight plans. I have in the past used “SimBrief” and “OnlineFlightPlanner.org” to generate my flight plans. When I paste them into the “Airports/Waypoints” bar however, the plan comes up scattered all over the world with no sense of order. My questions are:

1: Should I be using a different 3rd party provider to generate my flight plans?

2: Does Infinite Flight have any plans down the road to simplify this problem?

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Hello, try using this website:

It is a website where you are given flight plans optimised for Infinite Flight by using SimBrief. I have used it many times without fail. The problem is that SimBrief and OFP is that they give flightplans not optimised for IF, and that is why they end up a wonky sometimes. Hope I helped!


I have a photo tutorial provided by @Starley

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There’s more lol

image image
image image
Sorry it took so long, I was trying to get them in the right order

Not so much as not ‘optimised’ more than IF didn’t have all of the real world waypoints which is why they sometimes appear in odd places! However the link that you provided converts the waypoints into a position that IF can use to plot the flight plan! Works great and I use it all the time now!

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Good evening,

Thank you all so so much for your help!!! I really appreciate it and thanks to your info I’ve been able to figure it out!!

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